The Skin Set

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The Skin Set

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The Skin Set takes care from head to toe.

Ideal for staying moisturized in-flight or taking along your can't-live-without washes. 

This set comes with three of our must-have, most-loved Essentials.

Includes: (1) Face, (1) Body, (1) SPF
 3.4oz capacity (per bottle)
 Measures 5.3" x 1.8" 
 Generous opening for easy replenishing and rinsing 
 Leak-tight dual locking system
 Washable and Dishwasher Safe
 Airless Pump

Perfect For Packing Heavier/Thicker...

Not ideal for...
We don't recommend taking flight with Water (e.g., micellar water or contact lens solution) or Oil ( e.g., body oil), but we give these the all-clear when it comes to being leak-tight on road trips and other everyday commutes.

How To Use (and Reuse)
Our bottles are designed to be reusable! To use, twist off the entire cap and fill with your favorite goops. Reattach the cap and pump until the product begins to distribute. If your goop takes longer than usual to pump, turn over the Ries bottle and gently push up the platform until you feel a slight resistance. Return to the upright position and pump. To lock, twist the outer cap to the closed position before tossing in your bag or suitcase.

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