Cosmic Guides: Your April Travel Horoscopes

Ries April Travel Horoscopes

Sometimes we need a little cosmic push or otherworldly inspiration to inspire our next adventures. Every month, Joe (our Ries Resident Astrologist) brings us his insights as guided by the stars.

Read on to see what April has in store for your sign...

APRIL 2022

April is colored by a powerful Jupiter/Neptune conjunction that culminates on April 12th. That magical and expansive power can be experienced the entire month. This is potent energy for fun, fantasy and escapist activities. It’s an ideal opportunity for opening portals to other worlds.

If you can’t physically get away then the imagination can guide you to faraway places through your dreams, meditations or creative pursuits. Everything is highly sensitized so try to direct energies towards emotions and feelings that promote joy rather than sadness.


Let go and let live! This month is one of spiritual quests and discovering how to connect the ethereal world to the physical one. Go with the flow and trust your hunches. This is a spiritual warrior energy. A caring Aries can heal on a more karmic and collective level. Romance with a special partner where you can retreat from the rest of the world to a secret Shangri-La is possible. Make it happen.


The magic of the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is happening in your 11th house. There is an exalted type of love around friends. Travel with those close friends that you cherish. You may prefer to travel with a group rather than one specific person, but either way you will understand the loving bonds of friendship on a deeper spiritual level than ever before. Be aware of overspending, but if you create great memories in the process, then it will be well worth it.


This travel-oriented sign will get a huge boost of activity in April. Take a risk and venture out of your local neighborhood, state or country by traveling to faraway places. It’s time to take action and experience the vacation of a lifetime that has a fated and destined quality to it. Reach for the stars. Travel memories created now can last a lifetime and will become those by which all others are measured. If you insist on working all month then you may be disappointed by a missed opportunity. Travel combined with work may benefit multi-tasking Gemini types.


Overseas travel with a loved one yields amazingly romantic results. Brush up on language skills since serendipitous assignations with foreigners is likely. Those with family in faraway places would do well to stay in touch. Take a cruise and spend plenty of time near sources of water. There’s an insatiable quest for the meaning of life. A deep understanding of philosophic and spiritual principles can enlighten your earthly pursuits. It’s time for this generally homespun sign to travel far from home.


The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in your 8th house suggests that if you have an overactive imagination, it can be put to extremely good use in all sexual matters. Visual stimulations activate the libido to heretofore unheard-of fantasy levels. Leo will live up to its reputation as a party sign especially in the bedroom and in other intimate dark and secretive settings. Travel in relationship to this house may necessitate spending more money than usual in order to manifest erotic fantasies. Dip into your savings if you must. The memories created now will transform your future.


The normally discerning qualities of Virgo are not so clearly present when it comes to travel. You must sacrifice and surrender your needs to those of the partner. If you do this selflessly and with great tenderness and compassion then travel plans with a cherished loved one will have unlimited possibilities. Be wary of being duped by strangers while on vacation. Don’t blindly trust anyone for the tricksters of the world can take advantage of your gullibility. Others may promise more than they can deliver.


There’s something about the daily routine, drudgery and predictable nature of everyday life that must be sacrificed and surrendered. Pay attention to details and do the necessary prep work to ensure a magical time away. Be aware of your surroundings in foreign environments. Thieves, tricksters and con artists can easily dupe a gullible and unaware Libra and ruin an otherwise lovely vacation.


Scorpio has the potential to experience the most fun and joy in April over any other sign. The 5th house of romance, sex, love, fun, joy and entertainment gets inflated to unreal proportions. The positive energy here is all about PARTYING till you drop dead. The negative side is overdoing things like sex, drugs and alcohol. Know your limits. The potential for transformative romances in distant lands is at an all-time high. Let your imagination run wild.


The meaning of life in April is about getting as far away from home as possible. This is a great time to visit family or friends living overseas. There is nothing about April that suggests practicality and sobriety. It’s about the spirit of wanderlust and allowing the imagination to take you to unexpected heights of pleasure. An ill relative may force some Sagittarians towards devotional self-sacrifice where your compassionate nature is on full display.


This is a great month for many short distance trips. Plan 3- or 4-day weekends and escape to environs within 2 or 3 hours outside your neighborhood. Siblings may play an important role in travel plans. Travel by train or car is best. Spend one weekend by water, another in the mountains and a third in the country. Variety and curiosity is the name of the game.


Money makes the world go round! You’ll spend an awful lot in April to satisfy fantasies, dreams and indulgences. Why not a luxury cruise where you can indulge any or all of the 7 deadly sins? Spend savings for a fantasy trip you’ve been dreaming about all your life. If you don’t plan carefully then money may be poorly spent and disappointment can burst your bubble. Allow money to enhance sensual pleasures rather than wasting it on things of low quality.


Pisces people have the most glamour and allure. The ability to be a fantasy figure can make you the object of desire in a partner’s life. Never has there been a better time to travel. Satisfy the heart’s desire. Be a chameleon, shape shifter and movie star. There are no limits in pursuing dreams and fantasies. You have the ability to uplift others to new heights or deceive and cheat. How will you use that power?

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