A Note From Our Founder

A Note From Our Founder

The idea for RIES came over a decade ago when I was working my first job in Fashion Trend Forecasting. I was constantly flying around the country photographing the latest fashion trends and fashionable people. My life was a constant cycle of airports, hotels and taxis.

But keeping myself looking fashionable while traveling was an ordeal. As a curly haired woman of color, the products I was using didn’t come in a travel size and there was no way a 2-in-1 hotel shampoo/conditioner would be coming anywhere near my hair.

After years of ziploc bags, wasted products, goop leaking all over suitcases and tons of trial-and-error (all so I could just feel like myself on the go!) I knew there had to be a better way.

And that’s why I started RIES. RIES, for me, represents the freedom to take care.

At RIES, we are redefining how people correlate beauty and travel and we are committed to reducing plastic waste in the beauty industry.

I am so happy you’re here to rewrite the rules alongside us. I can’t wait to see where the journey takes you and where you find your freedoms.

Safe Travels,
Megan Graham

Our Story

It really does take a village. RIES was started by one and built by many - friends, creatives, strategists, sustainable product engineers, industry experts and beauty mentors. 

We take traveling well seriously and root everything we do in joy. We love what we do. We love that you’re here.

We can’t wait to travel with you,
The RIES Fam