Cosmic Guides: Your June Travel Horoscope

Cosmic Guides: Your June Travel Horoscope

Sometimes we need a little cosmic push or otherworldly inspiration to inspire our next adventures. Every month, Joseph Addeo (our Ries Resident Astrologer) brings us his insights as guided by the stars.

Read on to see what June has in store for your sign...

JUNE 2022

Mercury coming out of retrograde helps organize local travel plans, while Jupiter and Mars in Aries lights a fire for expansive action to sojourn overseas. See how your sign will benefit most by the positive placement of these travel planets.


The world is your oyster. With Jupiter and Mars traveling in your sign for the entire month of June there is a feeling that you can conquer the world. This energy is akin to a conquistador venturing far away from home to explore new horizons. Budget money carefully and you’ll find bargains that satisfy your wanderlust while keeping you from overspending unnecessarily.


Venus in Taurus all month provides a natural glow to your appearance making you the center of attention everywhere you go. The Mars/Jupiter energy in your 12th house suggests escaping to places that are very secluded. Connect to an inward, more spiritual type of energy. Whether it’s the mountains or the seashore, get in touch with what grounds sensual bulls. An inward journey refuels the soul.


Mercury is finally direct and you can stop flip flopping. You had plenty of time to make plans in May. June is a month to take action based upon a long period of introspection and review. Being around friends and partaking in high action activities can lift spirits and make you feel abundant joy at being alive. Travel in groups with friends that enjoy physical fun as much as you do. The adventures of June will stimulate you mind and body.


Choose a travel destination that can kill two birds with one stone by combining work and pleasure. A work trip can come in handy to help increase and improve your reputation. Spend money wining and dining others. That investment has a payoff for you at a later date. Add a few extra days of pleasure to the end of a business trip. The extra money will be well spent. Intuition is high this month so trust your hunches.


Jupiter and Mars pair up in your 9th house of foreign travel. This is a great month to adventure overseas or to any far distant place that stimulates the desire for expanding your understanding of the world.

Chiron adds a sense that wherever you travel may provide a healing of sorts. If you have a favorite grandchild, niece or nephew you may value their company as it provides an opportunity to share your knowledge and pass it along. Teaching and education accompanied by fun while traveling is a great combination.


Anything to do with travel in June must be tinged with a powerful sense of passion, depth and intimacy. That could mean planning a getaway with one special person where you close out the rest of the world so that nothing else exists outside you and your partner. Or, if you prefer to go it alone, as this sign often does, it may be of value to adapt a spinster, monk or nun type of adventure. However, you decide to spend the month traveling, take a deeper more psychological approach to the journey. By the end June something about the philosophy of living will have changed.


What a great month to celebrate marriage, partnership and socializing. Jupiter, Mars and Chiron are all in your 7th house. For married and seriously attached folks this is about reigniting passion in the relationship by discovering new adventures that spark romance. Rediscover sparks of passion that originally made you fall in love. For single folks this is a great month to socialize, network and meet new people that have potential for serious bonding. For everyone make this a time to go out as much as humanly possible and connect with others. Time to party and meet new people but also heal old wounds in relationships.


Scorpions may have more difficulty escaping from the daily work grind. You may have way too much on your plate to travel for long periods of time. If you can work remotely then definitely bring along your laptop and other work devices. Split the day between work and play. It will not be the type of vacation where you can heavily party because you will need to be sober to focus on more serious details. If you can split the week into 5 days of heavy attention to details of work and 2 days of short escapist getaways, that would prove optimum.


The natural exuberance, charm and optimism of this sign goes overboard in June. This produces extreme pros and cons in behavior. The positive energy is about fun, romance, being spontaneous, playing the field and not being too serious about anyone, anything, or anyplace. It’s wanderlust without commitment. The negative side could be overspending, over-planning, overpromising and lying to others in order to get what you want. Your motivations can be all about frivolous fun, one-night stands and romance without entanglements. Others may misread your intentions and want something more serious. Be honest and upfront with what you want and this can be a very, very fun month.


This is an excellent month to open up your home to foreign travelers or those friends and relative coming from a long distance to stay for a while. Your preference may be to have several weekend BBQs with large groups of friends and family, or to have others stay with you for a longer period of intimate time. Having others stay with you can bring those relationships closer, forming even more lasting bonds. If you do decide to travel away from home then go to places that are familiar and where you already have an established routine that you can fall into easily.


The gift of gab is so strong for this air sign and it could do wonders in expanding relationships, and taking weekend jaunts with friends, especially those with whom you love to share gossip. You’ll definitely have to adhere to the old adage, “loose lips, sink ships!” Instead, try to keep this loquacious energy geared towards conversation that is intellectual and uplifting rather than tearing others apart. June is a great month for going to cocktail parties where talking and networking with others can lead to improving your reputation.


As Mars travels with your planetary ruler Jupiter all month, that gives a sudden burst of energy, action and confidence to this sign. This combination has the opportunity to manifest dreams in tangible and substantive ways. Whatever has been in your imagination as a fantasy or dream can see the light of day in June provided you have the money to spend. It’s not necessary to have a bottomless purse, but accrued savings is meant to be used for having some pleasure. Take off the rose-colored glasses and see vibrant color in all its real, material glory!

Joseph Addeo is a Level IV NCGR-PAA Certified Astrologer. He can be reached via his website at

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