Cosmic Guides: Your Spring 2023 Travel Horoscopes

Cosmic Guides: Your Spring 2023 Travel Horoscopes

Sometimes we need a little cosmic push or otherworldly inspiration to inspire our next adventures. This season, Joseph Addeo (our Ries Resident Astrologer) brings us his insights as guided by the stars.

Read on to see what this spring has in store for your sign...

Four Major planetary shifts this spring greatly influence travel. Saturn entering Pisces on March 7 sets the stage for manifesting escapist dreams and fantasies. Pluto entering Aquarius on March 23 will have transformative effects on air travel. This is a long transit, and the first stages will bring breakdowns of old technologies before the new age of artificial intelligence and technological advancements eventually takes hold.

Mars finally leaves Gemini on March 25 after eight months and enters Cancer. Action can now be taken to travel if you’ve been homebound.  Mars wants to commit to a new course of action steered by feelings, sensitivities and desire.

Jupiter’s expansive and adventurous nature will influence the financial sign of Taurus beginning May 16.  More money is spent in pursuit of indulgence and pleasure in the material world. In the middle of it all causing travel snags is a Mercury retrograde from April 21 through May 15.


Saturn in Pisces encourages you to fight, fly and finally achieve the trip of a lifetime.  The fantasy vacation can now become a reality. 

Jupiter entering Taurus says you’ll spend a great deal of money to turn the dream into material pleasure while Mars entering Cancer says it’s time to break away from home in search of greater adventure in faraway places.  Leave family responsibilities behind.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and goes into action on the first day of spring.  With so many planets entering new signs near one another your zest for a new life, a new vision and a new beginning is strong.   


Friends can either be sources of extreme comfort or great disappointments when traveling together.  It’s important to carefully select those with whom to share vacations time.  Bulls of a certain age may want to celebrate retirement by taking the trip of a lifetime.  If you’re throwing in the towel, do it in style and go out with a bang.  Pluto can bring great public power or public downfall depending on how the last few years have been handled.  Either way, Jupiter entering Taurus brings optimism and hope to make a new beginning based upon gain or loss.

The best time for travel is after May 16 when Jupiter enters your sign and Mercury finishes its retrograde.  Do something unusual! 


Mars leaves Gemini after eight months and finally stops indecision and forges a commitment.  Career achievement can lead to a major moment in the spotlight.  Pluto entering the 9th house energizes foreign travel in transformative ways.  Trips are more psychological.

Mercury retrograde is a time to retreat and meditate more seriously on how to incorporate recent success in a more esoteric style.  Find value in the imagination and not just ambition in the material world.  Jupiter says there’s greater worth in pursuing wild adventure.  After May 16 spend hard earned money for some fun in the Sun and escapist fantasy.  May is a time of spiritual purification and June is a time of rebirth.  


Spring this year is very important for sensitive crabs.  Mars, your planetary ruler, enters Cancer on March 25, just days within Pluto’s ingress to Aquarius.

The Equinox is full of fresh beginnings and a renewed energy that has been lacking in this sign for the past eight months.  The next three months present a wonderful opportunity to travel abroad for work and pleasure.  Overseas travel can lead to discovering new meaning and philosophies with which to lead your life.  Mercury’s retrograde in late April early May is the time to connect and travel with old friends.  Pluto helps you to dig deeper into the mysteries of life and travel to old historic places that stir deep meaning in your soul.   


The best travel time is while Mars is in Cancer from late March to mid-May.  Mars entering Leo on May 20 will be a time of dramatic action for making new beginnings and launching projects.  Late May is a time of power struggles with others.  Your ability to act is highly influenced by a partner's willingness to negotiate terms.  All travel must combine pleasure with spiritual yearnings. Only travel with those with whom you have an immensely profound trust level.  Pluto in Aquarius starts a long journey of bringing power partners into the work and play arenas.  Some will make money with you while others may have nefarious motives.

Keep that Leo intuition on high flame to discern the good from the bad.


Saturn entering Pisces puts blocks on travel situations with a spouse or loved one.  Timing may be difficult when planning vacations and compromises must be made.  Pluto in Aquarius can focus an inordinate amount of time on work.  It may be difficult to get away this spring.  Mercury retrograde between April 21 and May 15 only adds fuel to the fire in travel problems, snags and delays.

The best travel date for overtaxed Virgos is late May into early June.  Mars will be in your 12th house revving up fantasy and imagination.  This is the time for getting away from the daily grind.


Saturn in Pisces forces Libra to balance work and spirituality.  You’ll learn that work in the material world is ultimately tied to one’s spiritual well-being.  Pluto entering Aquarius must uncover new creative aspirations that keep life in a constant creative flow.  A rebirth of those things in life that bring joy, vitality and love is essential.  Kill off old patterns while creating new ones.

Jupiter in the social sector of the chart all spring demands social outreach with others.  Travel with someone special to share new adventures that are fun as well as healing.  Mercury retrograde smack in the middle of April and May can cause financial mishaps especially when planning trips.  You may owe more on the bill than previously planned.  


Saturn in Pisces provides some hard-earned luck in the 5th house of fun, romance, joy, creative self-expression and entertainment.  Use your solid organizational skills to make dreams and romantic fantasies come true.

Pluto causes upheavals on the home front making life overly demanding.  It will be wise to find time to get out of the spider web grip of family responsibilities.  While Mars is in Cancer from March 26 through May 21 travel to foreign countries for both work and pleasure.  Mercury will be retrograde during that time so be extra careful with bookings and transportation snags.

Mistakes with money will be a highlight of this retrograde.  After May 17th traveling with a spouse may be more fun and this would be the best time for a vacation with a special loved one enjoying all of life’s sensual pleasures.  Get intimately involved with others.   


For the month of April through May 21st it would be wise to pay attention to family matters and things in your home environment.  A Mercury retrograde in Taurus brings too much responsibility around work and it will be difficult to break away.  After May 21st the planets align much better for travel and escaping from daily responsibilities.

Mars enters your 9th house in Leo from mid-May through June.  That is an optimum time to sojourn to faraway places.  Take the time and effort to make the proper adjustments at work so others can cover your responsibilities and you’ll be able to travel without worries.   


The first half of spring requires too many responsibilities with family, friends and siblings so travel isn’t advisable at that time.  Things loosen up a great deal in mid-May when Jupiter enters the 5th house begging overworked goats to take some risks and gamble on life a bit.  It’s time to spend all your hard-earned money on fun, romance and adventure.

All work and no play make goats crabby, stiff and stubborn.  Money is meant to be spent on pleasure and this placement will loosen up those chains that overly bind Capricorn to career.   This Mercury retrograde is a good time to organize the details of future summer travel plans.   


Saturn in Pisces brings out a necessary frugality because there may be more constraints around finances.  This placement likes to plan ahead.  You may feel the urge to rein in spending and save your pennies wisely for a future travel date.

That would be after May 20th when Jupiter enters Taurus and the urge to spend that hard earned money suddenly springs to the surface.  That fantasy vacation you’ve always dreamed of taking that whisks you away from Kansas into the Land of Oz can manifest in late spring.  Work hard in March, April through mid-May and then let loose after that.    


Saturn is in your sign.  This will either have Pisces playing martyr, victim and throwing a pity party or if you’re more enlightened, which hopefully you are, this placement will push you to make dreams a reality.

This energy says it’s time to sober up.  Bad habits will no longer be tolerated.  Productive escapist outlets such as travel, yoga, meditation, art, music, poetry, photography and healthy uses of imagination are meant to be practiced and incorporated into daily life in a more disciplined way.  If you’ve worked hard over the years this energy can deliver a major reward for all that hard work.  Certain Pisces may be disappointed that the cornucopia is only half full.

Joseph Addeo is a Level IV NCGR-PAA Certified Astrologer. He can be reached via his website at

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