Cosmic Guides: Your Spring 2024 Travel Horoscope

Cosmic Guides: Your Spring 2024 Travel Horoscope

Sometimes we need a little cosmic push or otherworldly inspiration to inspire our next adventures. This season, Joseph Addeo (our Ries Resident Astrologer) brings us his insights as guided by the stars.

Read on to see what this spring has in store for your sign...

While Jupiter remains in Taurus through May 24 making a conjunction with Uranus there will be some unexpected cash outlays for overseas and long-distance travel.  Things will come up at the last minute in serendipitous and unpredictable ways so strike when the iron is hot.  This is an energy that can expand the pleasure principle in unforeseen ways.  If the universe is throwing new options your way, then take the risk and be more free-spirited. 

Mercury is retrograde in Aries from April 1-25 and then again in Virgo/Leo from August 5-28.  The trickster always can make the details of travel a little more challenging.  This will be particularly true of the summer retrograde because the planet of foreign travel, Jupiter, will be traveling through Gemini which is ruled by Mercury thus having more control over Jupiterian plans.


Retrograde Mercury in your sign makes the month of April a difficult travel time.  Unless you must, postpone foreign trips to early May and then again in early June.  Those are better times for exploration.  Make a fresh start on May 1 as Mars enters Aries.  This will re-energize activity and action after a long, disappointing and underwhelming winter.  It’s time to re-ignite a fire in the belly.  As we enter the Gemini time of year on May 26 start taking more short weekend trips.  The energy is lovely for local travel with friends and loved ones to country homes to get away from weekday work hassles.


Retrograde Mercury and an eclipse in the 12th house for the month of April can trigger a desire to escape from the winter doldrums and seek pleasure in exotic places.  You’ll still be in the mood to hibernate, but you might want to change the venue to something more exciting than your living room.  Venus and Jupiter enter Gemini around the same time at the end of May.  That puts complacent bulls in a much more social mood to spend money to party and travel.  Don’t even think about losing weight until Jupiter leaves pleasure seeking Taurus on May 25 and enters travel sign Gemini.  It’s been a year of putting on some extra pounds and you will find it easier to slim down as the warm weather approaches.  


April’s Mercury retrograde causes misunderstandings with friends.  That will carry over to any travel arrangements made with them.  A much better travel time, especially overseas, occurs when Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25 where he will remain for one year.  Late May and early June are optimum times for making journeys and expanding your knowledge of the world and life in general.  One of the best ways to gain knowledge is through exploration and this energy will expand the Gemini curiosity for all subject matters.  Both Venus and Mercury join Jupiter in Gemini in early June which makes that month the best for social twins. 


Use April and May to tie up career matters.  If you are traveling for pleasure in April, it's best to visit familiar places from the past and if you’re traveling for work, be prepared to renegotiate business terms with old clients.  Make plans to spend time with friends in May.  The month of June is perfect for vacationing to faraway destinations.  June into the summer is a socially busy time.  Come out of your shell and focus energy on creative self-expression and exploring new horizons that take you away from the comfort of home. 


April’s Mercury retrograde causes tremendous foreign travel snags for the Lion.  If you must travel overseas in April, and many will, be sure to double and triple check all details, reservations and bookings. May is a better time for journeys and June even better.  This sign generally basks in the limelight and this spring emphasizes the desire to be stage center.  After May 25, and for the entire month of June, make plans with friends.  Socializing in groups where there are plenty of people to act as an audience enhances energy and vitality.  The more you’re able to shine, banter and play games the more others can bask in reflected glory.  


The Taurus season is always a great travel period for this sign. The snag this year is a Mercury retrograde in April so do wait until after April 25 to step on the gas pedal.  Get all the details straightened out on the retrograde.  The rest of the spring is wonderful for expansion, exploration and learning.  Virgo benefits from mixing and mingling with foreigners of all types.  This spring the world is your playground so get work organized on the retrograde and seek adventure afterwards, just like Bette Davis in Now, Voyager.  Have a strong support staff that you can trust while away to take care of the daily work grind.    


No matter how hard you try to get along with others in April you’ll be met with opposition.  Mercury retrogrades in Aries, the sign opposite Libra, so there will be assertive energy coming at you from others requiring a recalibration and balancing of the scales.  It’s time to say what’s really on your mind.  Out-of-state and overseas travel plans are better slated for late May into June.  The solar eclipse of April 8 promises fated shifts in old relationships and the promise of new relationships that guide you towards a more promising future.  When traveling overseas plan to visit two countries.  


Take control and plan the spring with an eye towards spending more intimate time with others.  March 23rd through May 1st is ideal for romantic interludes.  May 1st through June 10th requires more time spent at work so if you’re traveling during this time bring the laptop and be prepared to make it a working vacation.  June 10th through June 20th plan to spend more time with a spouse or significant other.  There are many personal upheavals which may lure Scorpio to seek solace away from home.  Learning about your family’s history will guide you towards foreign shores accordingly.  


Your planetary ruler Jupiter changes signs from Taurus to Gemini on May 25th dividing the spring into two definite halves.  While in Taurus in the 6th house before May 25 there will be more time spent in the office or at home doing work.  When it enters Gemini afterwards and through the summer solstice there will be a surge in energy towards traveling with an intimate partner whether spouse, lover or friend.  Jupiter entering Gemini stimulates curiosity to explore the world, have adventure and broaden horizons.  The April 8th eclipse emphasizes love, romance and dating, especially with someone from the past. 


Late March through April is a time of mental intensity that could lead to depression if there isn’t something that occupies the mind in productive ways.  It’s not a good time to travel but it’s a good time to spend money on theater and sporting events when there’s down time.  Life is generally more introspective.  When Jupiter enters dualistic sign Gemini on May 25th the opportunity to combine work and travel increases.  Learn how to compartmentalize and you will be able to achieve a working vacation where productivity combines with pleasure.


Mercury (a travel planet) turns retrograde at the top of April in the house of short distance trips.  That makes this Mercury retrograde doubly difficult for travel plans.  Check all details, reservations and give yourself extra time.  Aquarius thinks they know it all and likes being right.  Not this April!  Some humility is needed.  Don’t even think about extensive, long-distance vacations until May 25th.  Saturn in Pisces continues to put a hold on the purse strings.  Money may be tight but careful planning can make a small budget go a long way. 


Well, how ya’ doin’ Pisces?  Saturn in your sign continues to keep the clouds hanging around.  There’s an air of sobriety and seriousness around those affiliated closely with the sign of the fishes.  They swim in two directions and it's time for you to travel a new road.  Jump in the direction of the fish you’re least familiar with.  The Mercury retrograde that lasts most of April forces a rethinking and replanning around money and how you spend it for summer travel.  It’s time to stop seeing things through rose-colored glasses.


Joseph Addeo is a Level IV NCGR-PAA Certified Astrologer. He can be reached via his website at

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