Cosmic Guides: Your Winter 2023 Travel Horoscopes

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Sometimes we need a little cosmic push or otherworldly inspiration to inspire our next adventures. This season, Joseph Addeo (our Ries Resident Astrologer) brings us his insights as guided by the stars.

Read on to see what 2023 has in store for your sign...

The winter gets off to a very dynamic start as Jupiter, the planet of foreign travel, enters Aries on December 20, 2022 where it will transit rather quickly through May 15, 2023. Jupiter has already given us a glimpse of Arian fire, having traveled through this sign a few months between May 10, 2002 and October 29, 2022.

Along with a retrograde Mars in Gemini for the entire fall season Jupiter has been prepping and planning. The burst of pent-up energy beckoning us to explore new worlds, make new adventures and broaden our horizons moves full steam ahead after January 12. There’s new, dynamic, bold, aggressive and visionary action to be taken.

For everyone, December 20th through January 20th is a time to review schedules for the first half of the year regarding travel plans. After that, life is moving in a new direction so grab the gold ring and run! Venus and Neptune in Pisces will be in partnership on Valentine’s Day for everyone. Romance, fantasy, imagination, glamour and unconditional love is available to all!


For the first quarter of 2023 Jupiter supplies confidence and enthusiasm to reach out and explore. Mars will remain in Gemini in your third house through the first day of spring. This combination suggests a desire for long distant travel in combination with focusing on the details of the local travel routine once having reached your destination. Getting overseas may be simpler but working out the complexities of daily planning may be challenging. Voicing opinions about myriad subjects can bring out know-it-all behavior, so make sure opinions are thoroughly grounded in facts, figures and sound information.

Self-motivation is strong the first quarter of the year. Others will generally follow your lead but be prepared to make certain important and well-chosen compromises as Mars remains firmly planted in the mental and dualistic world or Gemini.


Jupiter is in your 12th house the entire first quarter of the new year. This position is wonderful for escapist activities. Let the imagination run wild. Plan travel to warmer, exotic climates. This placement is good to get away from all the responsibilities of the material world. Spend a good deal of money to manifest your vision of paradise, whatever that may be. Rebellious Uranus is continually urging couch potato Taurus to try something new, innovative and daring. Take chances, take risks and don’t stay in a rut otherwise life will pass you by.Have a clandestine affair when love goddess Venus enters your 12th house from February 21 through March 18.


The top of the year starts out slowly as both Mars (traveling through Gemini) and Mercury (your planetary ruler) are retrograde through January 12 and 18th, respectively. Ideal travel situations through those dates should be restricted to familiar places and locations that have been visited in your past. Don’t try anything new until after January 20th just to be on the safe side. Once the retrogrades finish then a new and vital energy appears. Jupiter in Aries is a wonderful placement for group activities with friends or other like-minded individuals.The dead of winter may be the perfect time to find a group package deal with a guided tour itinerary. Something where everything is mapped out and organized and keeps you on a planned course of action.Mercury traveling through Aquarius from February 11 through March 3 is good for foreign travel


Holiday travel through the first half of January may be dictated by the whims of your significant other with Mercury retrograde in the 7th house of marriage and partnership. Once the trickster moves direct on January 18th, you’ll have more of an equal say.This winter travel to destination points that have been on your bucket list. You’ve earned it! Wherever you’re going bring work with you as you’ll be able to snatch 15 minutes here and there to take care of essential details behind the scenes and then pop back into vacation mode quickly. It’s easy to flip between the two worlds of work and play. Your mood can adapt.Try to be far away on Valentine’s Day.  


In the winter months the Sun travels through the social sector of your chart. This is not a time to be alone. Socialize with others and make plans with your significant other. Jupiter is traveling through the 9th house of foreign travel. Gain an understanding of the world around you and see it through expansive eyes while sharing this new experience with those you love.The same energy applies to single folks. Seek the company of others and accept all social invitations. Engage with new people and if you are looking for more intimate partnership chances are you’ll find it while traveling or attending parties or social events.Winter may be a time to hibernate for some but not for lions


The holiday season is a fun one provided you’re spending it with friends and loved ones from the past. After the new year gets going it may be difficult to get away for any length of time. There’s too much energy in your work houses that demands focusing on details of the office and career. There are gains to make, so capitalize on this productive energy.If you do manage to go on vacation it will be a working one so forewarn loved ones that time shared will be measured and doled out. March is a better vacation time.Everything about the first three months of 2023 is about going deeper. Healing and regenerative powers are strong, so why not get away from a difficult weekly work load by visiting a health spa on the weekends.


After celebrating the holidays, most of January is wisely spent catching up at work. Travel is more fortuitous in February and March. When planning travel be sure to take into account balancing your agenda with that of a partner's. You’ll both be in the mood for overseas or long-distance adventures. Trips made now will have more healing and rejuvenating powers. Deeply committed couples can mend fences and strengthen a relationship.Once past mid-January the universe aligns for charming Libra to be even more social during the first quarter of 2023. Be curious about life and the people you’re meeting on the road.


A strong urge to do things privately still pervades as we enter the winter months with your planetary ruler Mars still retrograde in Gemini. An inner voice continues probing deeply. When traveling there’s a sense of mystery and slight danger about you. Powers of seduction are strong so hold cards close to the vest and don’t tip your hand.After January 12 you may reveal more of your inner machinations but not before. Jupiter in Aries makes you even more controlling and attentive to details when traveling. It’s pretty much your way or the highway throughout the first quarter of 2023.Listen more, speak less.


Life begins anew for the Archer as Jupiter enters visionary and energetic Aries at the solstice. This energy is incredibly fantastic for exploring new creative territories. The opportunity for foreign and overseas travel is at a peak for this wanderlust sign. The 5th house of creative self-expression, recreation, fun, romance, sex, children and sports is highly activated. It’s time to renew a commitment to enjoy the finer things in life and go after that which makes life on earth such a pleasurable delight.Once Mars turns direct on January 12 your close significant partner will rise to your energy levels and it will be easier to see eye-to-eye.Money has the power to enhance travel but don’t let the Sagittarian tendency towards extravagance lead to gross over spending.


Jupiter in the 4th house wants to break out of spending time at home, especially after a busy holiday season. The best thing to do after January 15 is to explore a far-off destination. You need to broaden your horizons and be less cautious about taking risks.Saturn is still in the 2nd house of money for the first three months of the year. That will keep conservative goats reining in the purse strings. Saturn wants you to invest money for the future but Jupiter says to spend some of it on immediate pleasure. You need to do both.Mars turning direct in the 6th house will improve a work situation enabling you to have more freedom. Show everyone you’re a benevolent boss that has the power. That means delegating workloads so you have more time to travel.


There’s an energy building with this sign that has the potential to transform every single aspect of your life. You can feel it pulsating just underneath the skin. The manifestation of this explosive energy will occur in the spring.The preceding months are full of expectation that life is about to change in irrevocable ways. Before that change happens allow yourself to travel and explore places you’ve longed to discover but haven’t had the chance.Make time to unfold the beauties of the ancient world because things of antiquity may not be around in the same way, shape or form in years to come and you’ll want to hold the memories created today in your mind forever.


Planetary ruler, Jupiter moves forward in Aries at the top of the year in your second house. This sets the stage for new generosity and spending money.The coffers should be filled to expend more lavish amounts on a big trip this winter to places that are warm and earthy. You’re in the mood to experience more sensuality and indulge in luxurious pleasures.It’s very important that you experience some sort of indulgent vacation before the first day of spring. When Saturn enters Pisces at that time, you’ll be more in the mood to get down to serious business. But for now, it’s all about expansion of the imagination, spiritual matters, and finding some kind of paradise on earth even for a fleeting amount of time.You’ll have a bill for all the expenditures that will come due in the spring but it will be worth it. Just make sure you budget so as not to be surprised when the piper calls.

Joseph Addeo is a Level IV NCGR-PAA Certified Astrologer. He can be reached via his website at

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