Cosmic Guides: Your Fall 2023 Horoscopes

Cosmic Guides: Your Fall 2023 Horoscopes

We are in a new eclipse season.

For the next 19 months, the signs of Libra and Aries will be highlighted. When it comes to travel, balance and compromise is the name of the game. These signs enjoy the dynamism and debate that comes with partnering. How can you arrive at conclusions that satisfy both parties? Who takes the action and who responds to it and then re-acts? These signs love a sparring match. Air (Libra) enflames fire (Aries). They feed each other. Look at the Libra/Aries sectors of your natal chart to see how the October 14 solar eclipse begins a new chapter in your life, particularly how it will influence your travel plans. Venus is no longer retrograde so there is a new maturity surrounding relationships. You are wiser and you know what you want.


Fierce, independent-minded Aries cannot go it alone! The solar eclipse on October 14 occurs in your seventh house of partnership and marriage. You must make compromises with loved ones unless you want to live life alone and in a vacuum. Travel plans are completely tied into to what your significant other desires. You can still confront a problem head-on, but you must consider other options and what a partner’s needs are in addition to yours. Jupiter traveling through the second house brings out a financially generous side and you will willingly spend hard earned pennies on luxury travel plans. Just make sure you are paying for good value. It is quality over quantity. Mars in Scorpio from mid-October through November 25 brings out a more private and intimate side. This energy will magnetize you towards others.


Travel plans this fall may stall due to work overload. The October 14th solar eclipse highlights the sixth house of work and health. Those matters may preoccupy time in ways that prevent any kind of lengthy vacation plans until November. Your significant other will be more feisty than usual after mid-October through the end of the year. They will dominate so your docile nature may have to be more accommodating rather than stubborn. This is a good fall to work on your body and refine your image of health and beauty. Jupiter traveling through Taurus will tempt your taste buds and sense of luxury. Find time for foreign excursions amidst all the business of work. The best time for travel will be the end of October through the first two weeks of November. Do something spontaneous once you have work details organized.


Put your nose to the grindstone from mid-September through mid-October because when the eclipse hits on October 14th there is a resurgence of joy, fun, romance, entertainment, and general high spirits. This eclipse highlights the fifth house of the chart which is one of the most favorable houses for good things to happen. You have a tremendous opportunity to travel through the end of the year. Escape to faraway destinations and seek out good fortune. Romance and love have a healing effect. There are two relationships that are being re-balanced in your life. One may be ending while another begins, or you may be juggling two at the same time, but as we all know that can cause mental anxiety for Gemini. Be careful about taking the lead role in a bedroom farce.


Crabs may want to cloister close to home this fall. The solar eclipse of October 14th focuses energy around fourth house matters of home, family, and the past. Travel may be more about visiting family or loved ones that live in foreign countries. You may also welcome other travelers into your home for a lengthy visit. The outgoing Libra nature in this house wants to socialize in intimate settings. Jupiter continues to bring joy and optimism to friendships, so whether you stay at home or travel abroad surround yourself with those you deeply value. Your caring and sensitive nature may be called upon to tend to an elderly parent or relative and if so, surrender to the healing process because an unselfish act will heal you in return.


The recent Venus retrograde in Leo has overhauled your attitude towards love and relationships. This fall there is a readiness to make new beginnings in love and romance. You are like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon so show off a radiant personality and image. Roar like Leo the Lion and others will find the new you extremely attractive. Traveling with a partner for romantic adventure is good the second half of October and even better in the Sagittarius time of year which is November 22nd through December 23rd. That thirty-day period is particularly good for creativity, fun and dating. Have fun abroad in a foreign country.


Money is a major concern as the solar eclipse approaches on October 14th. Jupiter in Taurus transiting the ninth house sector of the chart means that money will be spent traveling abroad so think wisely how you would like to spend it. Partners put constraints and limitations on what you want. They will rely heavily on your advanced organizational skills to keep plans in order. Maintaining a tight budget is highly recommended and you should be able to find good travel bargains especially while Venus travels through Libra from November 9th through December 5th. Mercury does not retrograde again until December 13th so try to make important travel dates before then.


A Solar Eclipse places all Librans directly in the spotlight but especially those born October 13-17. It is time to learn how to shine and fulfill your creative purpose on Earth. Balancing relationships and money are key factors for the next six months. Those subjects influence travel decisions. Partners can be extremely supportive emotionally and physically. Show your appreciation by being a good spouse in return. It is all about equality via compromise. If the balance of power is out of order this eclipse will tilt the scales. You may be in the dark at the time of the eclipse and unaware of the energy swirling about. Bide your time, for when Venus enters Libra on November 8th you will become conscious of something that has been hidden from view.


Travel needs to combine a spiritual purpose as well as being about adventure and fun. You may be going through an important healing process in October/November and any trip will serve the purpose of healing wounds and getting more spiritually connected. Your psychic ability is strong so trust your hunches. You may discover something about a significant other that you were heretofore blind to. Take the lead in all matters while Mars travels through Scorpio from October 12th through November 24th. Travel is good through the end of the year but especially around November 13th and December 12th.


Friendship takes the focus as the eclipse season goes full throttle in October. Things may become burdensome on the home front as responsibilities mount up. Friends provide solace and an outlet for escape. Plan to get away from the pressures of family life when Mars enters Sagittarius on November 24th. Wanderlust should last through the beginning of the new year. Ruling planet Jupiter in Taurus brings out a generous spending nature but it also says yet again, that work, and family responsibilities place you under the gun. Since being of service is the name of the game one of the best ways to do that is planning a group trip with friends where you are the organizer and den mother. Take the lead and show everyone how to properly throw a party!


Status seeking goats are placed on a public stage in the fall. When an eclipse elevates you to be in the spotlight you had better be ready to accept the attention. If the recent past has been a steady upward climb, then the cornucopia will be full. After November 3rd is a wonderful time for reaping rewards for past hard work and effort. The bounty can be large so why not plan a trip that you can share with a most treasured loved one? Jupiter is traveling through the fifth house of love and romance so spend your hard-earned money on fun in the sun with a special romantic partner. Travel to dream destinations and enjoy the best life has to offer. Open the heart and share the bounty!


The Solar eclipse of October 14th occurs in the house of foreign travel which is perfect for getting away to foreign shores for the remainder of 2023. In addition, Jupiter in the fourth house evokes a desire to break free and expand past the restrictive boundaries of your own backyard. Grab the bull by the horns and make plans to visit places that you have dreamed about. Take advantage of the astrological energy that suggests adventure and exploration of the world. Like your adjacent sign Capricorn, you may feel more freedom to get away after November 3rd especially if the October eclipse imposes a responsibility to tie up loose ends. But once the coast is clear then fly away!


The remainder of 2023 has a more sobering a serious feel about it. Saturn in early Pisces can place heavy responsibilities in your path. The eclipse in your eighth house further emphasizes a need for privacy and not being around lots of people. Do not travel in large groups of casual friends or acquaintances. If you are a loner, then seek inner spiritual peace and wisdom this fall when traveling. It is time to heal and revitalize the soul. If there is a special someone with whom you feel comfortable enough to let your hair down, then allow them into your inner circle and plan some intimate down time to travel in partnership. But being alone is not a bad thing either. Short weekend excursions by cars could be right up your alley.

Joseph Addeo is a Level IV NCGR-PAA Certified Astrologer. He can be reached via his website at

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