Ries Founder, Megan Graham, On The Thrills (and Spills) Of Travel

Ries Founder, Megan Graham, On The Thrills (and Spills) Of Travel

Window, Middle or Aisle Seat? Window. Ironically, I actually have a fear of flying. The unavoidable sense of doom only lasts the first few minutes between takeoff and cruising altitude, but being able to look at the sky helps calm my nerves.

Where’s the last place you traveled? My husband, Michael, and I took a road trip to Texas, Arizona and California this winter. It’s always been on my bucket list to drive through the southwest.

What does travel mean to you? To me, there’s a magic of seeing and experiencing a new place for the first time. It cracks open a part of the brain and overwhelms the senses in almost an addictive way. Travel doesn’t necessarily change who you are, it confronts you with who you are.

What’s your idea of a perfect vacation? When Michael and I were dating we went to Palawn, Philippines. It was recommended to him based on a chance encounter with a stranger on an airplane years before. We even got our motorcycles license so we could travel the island on motorbikes - our luggage strapped to the back of each bike. It was easily the most beautiful place I’ve ever been in my life - and so many things went wrong...

Our duffel bags disintegrated, we both ended up in the hospital (him: stitches, me: stomach parasite), I fell off my motorcycle - but despite the harrowing moments (or because of them,) it was truly the most perfect trip. We stayed with loving host families and saw each other at our best and worst.

I get the appeal of a week at an all-inclusive resort - but I really crave a level of exploration in my travels.

What do you most value in your friendships? Honesty

What (or Who) currently inspires you? My neighbors. Like a lot of us over the past year, my appreciation and love for my immediate community has really intensified. The vibe of my block gives me absolute life and I’m so grateful to be part of it.

What is your self-care routine when traveling? A good book for the flight is a must. And I really try to limit my screen time, even if it’s a work trip. My self-care is being as present as possible.

The holy grail of your beauty routine? My retin-a prescription and Dr. Brandt’s Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask

What are you manifesting in your life right now? All of the above - deep community, the ability to be present in the everyday and the safe return to travel.

Optimism that we will all travel safely again one day soon.

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