The Opportunity of Travel with Mother and Adventurer, Meghan Guffey

The Opportunity of Travel with Mother and Adventurer, Meghan Guffey

From Something Navy, to Amazon, to Architectural Digest, Meghan Guffey (@MeghanGuffey) has worked in marketing and brand strategy with some of our most familiar brands and companies. We spoke with her about what travelling looks like as a mother of two.

Window, Middle or Aisle? Aisle always!

Where’s the last place you traveled?  London in October for a much-needed girls trip. I hadn’t been since pre-Covid – it was just as spectacular as I remembered and so full of life. They already had most of the holiday decorations up which made it extra fun and festive!

What does travel mean to you? Travel in my twenties meant trying new, under-the-radar spots, taking planes, trains, helicopters and automobiles with my husband to reach more obscure locations and really push my comfort limits. At that time of my life, I wanted to step foot in every country, try every hidden gem restaurant, and didn’t care how long it took to get to my destination. Being based in NYC served as a great jumping off point, and we put all of our time and energy into traveling – we were always on the go, but somehow still only scratched the surface on the destination bucket list!

Now in my thirties, as a mom of two babies, travel is really about escaping to places with guaranteed satisfaction. Perhaps that sounds lame and hollow, but it is my current reality and it’s the honest truth. I don’t want to waste time and money to arrive at a destination that ends up being way overpriced for what it is, or that may be a destination I could probably conquer in a day or two vs. the four days I have booked.

Time away from my children is both challenging (mentally and emotionally) and stimulating. It scratches an itch that I very much need to satisfy, but also comes with new overwhelming (and often irrational) anxieties tied to being apart from my kids. Usually the itch overpowers the anxiety, thankfully. To sum it up, my current meaning of travel is an opportunity to escape, refuel, feel young, and get inspired. It is a reminder of how blessed I am to be able to experience amazing locations then come home to two healthy, beautiful children. Traveling always sparks gratitude, which might be the most important thing for me.

"I will ultimately sacrifice wearing heels/being stylish in order to be on foot as much as possible... Whether it’s along the beach or mountains I definitely need an option to break a sweat and use my legs.”

What’s your idea of a perfect vacation? My number one rule for creating an ideal vacation is to avoid spending a lot of time in a car at all costs. So if that means going to a big city like London or Paris, then I am walking EVERYWHERE. I will ultimately sacrifice wearing heels/being stylish in order to be on foot as much as possible. If that means going to a resort or somewhere to truly recharge, I will likely stay at my hotel as much as possible to avoid long car rides. I am such a city girl, so any destination that offers city-level energy, culture, great food/attractions is a perfect vacation for me - even better if there is a great hotel that serves as a little oasis tucked away from the buzz. I am also very active so I prefer to be able to move a lot. Whether it’s along the beach or mountains I definitely need an option to break a sweat and use my legs. I like to feel accomplished by the end of the day, whether I’m on vacation or not!

What do you most value in your friendships? Loyalty, reliability, and positivity. I am a fiercely loyal person which has at times gotten me into trouble – if I care about someone at one point in life, I will always care for that person…even if it is a relationship or person that no longer shows me the same in return.  I have learned that if someone treats me poorly or turns on me, it’s likely all to do with them and something they are going through. This is why I always keep kind - you never know what someone is going through. All you can do is show love and be kind. We all go through difficult seasons and I’m certainly not perfect, so I’ve learned to double down on friends who are loyal and dependable during both the ups and downs – when I’m at both my best and my worst. And lastly, something that has become increasingly more important to me when it comes to friendships, is focusing my time and efforts on those who have a positive spirit - those who seek out the good in life and others. Friends who cheer for one another and don’t get jealous.

Most of my close friends would describe me as the ultimate hype woman – I celebrate my friends’ triumphs as if they are my own, I tear up when random strangers accomplish something, I experience genuine, satisfying joy when someone I love or really any human achieves something they’ve been going after. It occurred to me only recently that not everyone is able to be happy for others. So, investing in like-minded positive and highly supportive female friendships is of utmost importance to me. We can all wear crowns!!!

What (or Who) currently inspires you? I am always inspired by women who are kind, hard-working, and eager to champion others/pay it forward! That sounds general but it’s true – those are the people who inspire me on a day-to-day basis. Some examples include Kim Kreuzberger, Sarah-Allen Preston, Whitney Wolfe Herd, Rachel Stocker, Caroline Stinson, Amy Havins, Susanna Beaumont, Mary Hafner, and Margaret Reinbold (that is a VERY short list among all those who inspire me!!). And always my best, most loyal friends who are hustlers whether it’s in the Mom game or corporate game, they always give their 110%.

"Now in my thirties, as a mom of two babies, travel is really about escaping to places with guaranteed satisfaction.”

What is your self-care routine when traveling? It’s very simple. I make sure to pack just my tried-and-true products and usually just put on a mask during a flight. When I’m on vacation I typically wear little to no makeup at all to give my skin a proper detox!

Holy grail of your beauty routine?  Honestly, botox? For me, it’s all about the foundation. When my skin is botox-fresh, taught, and wrinkle free, all the skincare and makeup products are just gravy. So that’s my true holy grail, but in terms of all-time favorite products, I’d say Bluermercury’s M61 peel pads are phenomenal and I also love this random product my friend Dana recommended years ago - embryolisse lait‑crème concentré. It’s so simple and can act as a moisturizer or primer, very multi-faceted. It’s also pregnancy safe. The French really do it best when it comes to skincare (and most things).

What are you manifesting in your life right now? Being present!!! Especially with my children. Someone recently said to me “they need to see your eyes”. We are all on our phones so much these days and I’m really trying to reduce screen time - I don’t want my phone in sight when I’m spending dedicated time with my kids. Beyond that, just focusing on the little things. Tomorrow isn’t promised to us, so why would we focus on anything else but the present?

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