Our Travel Guide to Milos, Greece

Our Travel Guide to Milos, Greece

Known for being a dream summer destination, today’s City Guide is about one of the many astonishing Greek Islands: Milos. Stylist and RIES Social Media Director, Frida Becker, shares the most remarkable things about the island.

“2 times in Greece and a few islands in, I can certainly tell Milos is my favorite one yet. Take as example Sarakiniko, the most magical beach I’ve ever seen - with moon-like volcanic rock formations, crystal clear water from the Aegean Sea and caves used by pirates as shelter many centuries ago. Milos will take your breath away.”

Read on for some of Frida's favorite places to swim, eat, and explore.

Where to Swim:

  • Sarakiniko
  • Fyriplaka
  • Tsigrado

Where to Eat:

  • O! Hamos!
  • Alevromilos
  • Astakas Cafe

What to Do:

  • Watch the sunset in Plaka
  • Take a Kleftiko boat tour
  • Visit fishing villages in Klima

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