Thai Coconut Oil and Traveling Albania with Bethany Betzler

Thai Coconut Oil and Traveling Albania with Bethany Betzler

Bethany Betzler is a boutique travel designer, writer, and researcher. We spoke her about what it means to rest, the one beauty item she can't live without and the most underestimated European destination.

Window, Middle or Aisle? Window for short flights, aisle for long 5+ hr flights so I can get up and walk a lot.

Where’s the last place you traveled? I’m traveling throughout Albania right now at the time of writing this, and I think it’s one of Europe’s most underestimated places.

Bethany Betzler Hinoki Travels Albania

What does travel mean to you? Travel is about sensing and feeling into the spirit of a place and its people. It’s the subtle, unplanned moments of connection and laughter with the local people I meet that keeps me traveling so much.

What’s your idea of a perfect vacation? I travel constantly because of my company, Hinoki Travels, and because I have a persistent longing to explore. I think the idea of a vacation is a break from something, so when I really need to just recharge and rest then I’m quite happy to just be at home drinking coffee, listening to music, and maybe taking a walk in the forest.

What do you most value in your friendships? Compassionate honesty and grace.

What (or Who) currently inspires you? People who live in close relationship to the land and waterways and know how to protect them.

Bethany Betzler Hinoki Travels

What is your self-care routine when traveling? Meditation in the morning to ground my perspective, journaling in the evening to capture any impressions from my travel experiences.

The holy grail of your beauty routine? Thai coconut oil. It’s so clean and simple and I can use it for my face, hair, and body.

What are you manifesting in your life right now? Unconditional love and joy—hopefully, if I’m doing it right :)

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