120 Billion beauty packages are produced each year

50% of plastic created is single use

of all single-use plastic in landfills comes from beauty

What We're Made Of

What We're Made Of
Our bottles are designed to be refillable! We spent years creating a bottle that withstood intense pressure-tests (literally, in pressurized airplane cabins), reduced the amount of virgin plastic used (no straws here!) and created a better experience for people with textured hair (hello, silicone-free.)

We consulted with dozens of raw materials experts and suppliers who are working to create innovative sustainable materials. This research led us to create our current outer bottle with FDA-approved, recycled plastics that are safe for skin and hair.

Our bottles are also magnet-free, which means they are fully recyclable and won’t be sorted out and sent to landfills.

We're currently partnering with raw materials experts to create sustainable alternatives for our reusable pumps.   

Where We're Made
Our products are designed in New York, NY, and Los Angeles, CA, and responsibly manufactured in China. Our products ship from Las Vegas, NV.

Why A Pump Bottle?

Why A Pump Bottle?
We chose to design our patented airless pump bottle because we’re skincare and haircare enthusiasts. We love clean beauty and didn’t love the experience of outdated jars being opened to the elements over and over again.

Each Essential pump delivers pure, clean product. No mess, no fuss.

Benefits of an airless pump design:

  • Minimizing air and light maximizes your skin care benefits.
  • Open jars can cause important ingredients to deteriorate and become less effective.
  • Airless pumps restrict air flow and keep delicate ingredients stable, keeping products fresh and healthy longer

The Future of Ries

The Future of RIES
Reusability and reducing our reliance on virgin plastic is a no-brainer start. We think the future includes even more sustainable materials and raw materials that are truly compostable or biodegradable. 

We’re committed to constantly improving, innovating and creating products that actually leave the planet better than we found it. 

We’d love to hear what beauty and travel products you think need a sustainable overhaul. Email us any time at 

Why Travel Bottles?

Why Travel Bottles?
We're redefining the relationship between beauty and travel, starting with sustainable packaging.

Travel bottles are often made of virgin plastic, are single-use or made of silicone, which isn't compatible with many haircare products for people of color.

Call us wild, but we're not big fans of a messy, wasteful travel experience. TBQH, who is? So we took on the challenge to make a better bottle. We had three goals we thought were pretty simple:

  • Create a leak-tight alternative
  • Reduce plastic waste in the beauty industry
  • Improve the experience, inclusive of people of color and the products we use

It's taken years of research, tweaks, and tons of prototypes. Now, with RIES, you’re helping to create a community coming together to achieve those goals.

"Ries provides a much-needed solution to the industry, making toiletry travel items less wasteful,”

Carley Klekas, Principal of Product Sustainability at Sephora