The Essential Travel Bag

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An organized, sustainable travel vanity bag for your on-the-go beauty routines.

  • Our Essential Travel Bag is made of recycled vegan leather and features a wipeable satin lining.
  • Each bag comes with five (5) made-to-measure elastic sleeves which can easily fit our RIES Essential travel bottles or other favorite beauty items.
  • The zipper pocket nestled in the top of the bag fits extras like cotton rounds, pill cases, makeup brushes, combs and more
  • A unique, pliable yet sturdy structure allows the bag to remain upright when set atop a bathroom counter or vanity space, for immediate use and easy-to-access organization.
  • Each bag measures 7”w x 6”h x 5.5”

To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth and let air dry.

To recycle, drop off with your favorite textile and clothing recycling facility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products TSA compliant?

Yes. All Ries travel bottles are approved to carry on any flight. Our Original large bottle holds 3.4oz (100ml) and our Weekender mini size holds 1.7oz (50ml)

How many bottles fit in a quart size bag?

You can snuggly fit four (4) 3.4oz Ries bottles in a quart-size bag. Five (5) 1.7oz Ries bottles fit comfortably. 

We know TSA agents can vary on how strict they follow requirements city by city, but our large bottles carry up to 3.4 oz and include an embossed label on the bottom of each bottle for proof of size should any issues arise. The TSA website says each flier is limited to one quart-size bag in their carry-on, but we find that they are more strict about bottle size versus bag size/type.

Are Ries products reusable?

Yes! Ries bottles are designed to be reusable and will last through hundreds of uses over many years. 

Are Ries products dishwasher safe?

Yes! We recommend using the top rack only. For best results, hand wash with warm soapy water and let air dry.

To hand-wash the pump, remove the top, flip it upside down, then place the bottom of the pump directly under the faucet letting water flow into the pump. While doing this, engage the pump, pushing water through the bottle spout and pushing out any excess product. You can then let the top air dry overnight.

What types of materials do you use?

Our bottles are BPA-Free and made of medical-grade PCR, a recycled plastic resin that is FDA-approved and safe for skin and hair. 

While each bottle is made to last for years through hundreds of uses, the bottle can be fully recycled once it reaches the end of its life.

Do your products work with my serums, oils and heavier creams?

Yes! Ries is compatible with all grooming and beauty products. We specifically created this product for curly haired women who often use LOTS of heavy conditioner.

We do advise using caution when flying with products that are very oil or water-based, or are generally less viscous. Due to the extreme pressurization in the cabin environment, leaks can occur.

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